Win With Mobile

Mobile has changed everything. The smartphone revolution has touched every corner of the world, and that in turn is changing how companies relate to customers, employees and vendors. As a result, businesses that make mobile a central part of their strategy will benefit from the opportunity to engage the new constantly connected user.

At BVision we help companies to adopt the concrete mobile strategies that can help our customers win, enable better decisions and constantly innovate. Through our Mobile Unit we build the apps that our clients need to create value and bond with consumers and business partners in an unique way.

We build secure, easy to use, cross-platform mobile apps that will unwire your business.


  • iOS
  • Android
  • Blackberry
  • Windows Mobile
  • Mobile Web

Cross-Platform Apps

With the rapid growth of mobile, touchscreen interfaces and the rise of the global web, brands see a proliferation of screen sizes, devices and user contexts. As a result, massive new challenges are being created for businesses.

Customers expect a seamless experience across their devices and will purchase directly from a mobile optimized site. Consumers often use multiple devices to make a purchase, starting by researching on mobile and then waiting until they are on anotherscreen to complete the transaction.

At BVision we help companies transform the experience of their consumers and create new opportunities to monetize their products and services, making sure they are available and optimized for different types of devices and platforms.

We provide a broad spectrum of applications and multichannel solutions including the development of HTML 5 applications for iOS and Android devices and user experience design.

Connected Smart Devices

Worn on a belt or embedded inside a phone, compact, powerful, personal sensors are more and more commonplace. Motion, medical, environmental and position sensors such as medical blood pressure devices, barometers or accelometers are proliferating.

At BVision we have the required skills to develop custom software to digitally engage and interact with enabled objects and all types of sensors (via mobile devices or desktop). We can make simple, yet powerful, interfaces to allow access to the data created and collected by these systems.

Our Success Stories

A Mobile Web App for Android in Hours


A Cutting Edge Brand experience on the Apple iPad

Client: Esprida Corporation

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