Digital Asset Distribution Platform

We're involved in the development of the world's leading digital asset distribution platform.

Our Work

INgrooves Fontana is the owner of one of the world’s most important digital asset distribution platform. Since October 2010, we have an ongoing relationship with them to provide high-quality development services that allows INgrooves Fontana to extend their development capacity and accelerate their market response.

Our team, comprised of 10 expert developers and one Project Manager, works in core areas of the company and participates in strategic technological decisions of the accounting department. After three years, INgrooves still chooses us and trusts our team which has shown great commitment and independence to accomplish the tasks in a timely manner.

INgrooves Fontana

INgrooves Fontana is an American company that provides clients customized marketing, promotion, sync licensing and administrative support to maximize the earnings potential of specific music and video releases or catalogues. INgrooves is a true digital distribution company founded in 2002.
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