Connecting SaaS-based Data on the Cloud

We expanded Connection Cloud (now part of Intuit Quickbase) capabilities.

The challenge

Attentive to the exponential growing challenge of accessing data from SaaS based sources on the Cloud, Elastic Intelligence developed a breakthrough solution that would make it much easier to connect to SaaS-based data called Connection Cloud. In 2013 Elastic Intelligence joined Intuit Quickbase team with the acquire of Connection Cloud by Intuit.

The success of the development of this new Cloud-based data connection service from scratch, required assembling a professional team with a unique blend of web services and database expertise. BVision is Intuit’s technological partner, and we collaborate with the development, trusting the building and improvement of connectors (a.k.a Liberators) used by the application to integrate each SaaS supplier’s APIs.The project required a local team of excellent level Java developers that worked closely with a team from United States, in constant communication and using agile methodologies.


We have been continuously working on the development of liberators for our former client Connection Cloud since January 2012. BVision’s Java team made an analysis of viability and the later design and development of the connectors for Eloqua, and SugarCRM. The team was also responsible for the redesign and optimization of the connectors for Intacct, Zendesk and Google SpreadSheets, as well as forthe API’s update and improvements in the connectors of Facebook and QuickBase.

Most of connectors are already in production and being used by clients through Intuit QuickBase platform. However, the scope and size of the project is large and there is still a lot of work to do with Intuit QuickBase.

As a consequence of the service provided by BVision, Connection Cloud could extend their connections to various SaaS applications in a shorter period of time. Widening, in return, the scope of this revolutionary platform that simplifies the access to SaaS data for reporting, business intelligence (BI) and application development, eliminating the need for a complex on-premise data warehousing, or additional IT support.


  • Java - J2EE
  • JUnit
  • NetBeans
  • Tomcat
  • Web Services (SOAP and RESTprotocols)
  • SAX parser
  • XML
  • Jettison
  • Google APIs
  • FQL
  • RestFB
  • SVN

Excellence and quality of our service

Our Customer Assessment Survey rated our services with the highest qualifications. BVision’s performance was defined as “excellent” in technical aptitudes, valued contribution to the project, communication and friendliness, support and responsiveness, understanding of business needs, time to market delivery, costs vs. quality of services and overall satisfaction.


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