A Mobile Web App for Android in Hours

Verifyanybody.com asked BVision to make their new web app available for Android.

Our Work

Our Mobile team got on to the challenge and unwired the app for Android in hours and effectively.

The new app scans your current friends or any friend request on Facebook against all sex offenders registered in the US. Then by strength of that match, results are shown in different colors. Yellow shows if the name matches. Orange, if the name and state matches. Red, if the name, state and date of birth is equal to any offender. The reason for the development is that nowadays many teenagers see their friendship count on Facebook as a way to gain popularity and usually accept friend requests from people they’ve never met before. Here is when Friend Verifier comes in, as a solution for many concerned parents. Since March, the app scanned more than half a million Facebook friends and counting.


Verifyanybody.com is a web app that specializes in cost effective background checks, verification, and people locating services to consumers, businesses and government agencies. Verifyanybody.com allows the user to instantly search and Verify Anybody in seconds with immediate results.

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