A Cutting Edge Brand experience on the Apple iPad

We design & develop the new Esprida ScreenGuard for iPad.

The challenge

We have an ongoing relationship with Esprida Corporation to provide Consulting, Development & Maintainance services for all of their software products, including Esprida LiveControl & Esprida ScreenGuard. As part of this relationship, Esprida Corporation asked us to design & develop the new Esprida ScreenGuard for iPad. The application would allow Esprida customers to roll out self-service applications with 3G connected touch screen iPads in a retail environment instead of expensive traditional kiosk hardware.

Our work

Our Mobile Lab handles the complete lifecycle of the project with a lean team of one developer and one tester. Working closely with the Esprida Corporation team, we were able to adjust the app to meet the requested features and comply with the App Store Review Guidelines. Our team’s work also included the development of a locking system and total protection for iPad, which prevents the access of extern apps such as maps, e-mails, unauthorized websites, and protects user’s information.
Besides, we enabled a remote management system that allows companies to manage hundreds of thousands of iPads through a single interface that includes content update, GPS and information synchronization.


  • iOS SDK
  • Objective C.

Esprida Corporation

Esprida is an innovative technology company that has been helping organizations increase the value of their technologies since 2002. Esprida provides a highly scalable enterprise software platform to remotely monitor, control, and optimize connected equipment and systems from a single portal. Esprida solutions are employed by over 100 leading retail companies and power the worlds largest self-service network under a single infrastructure, controlling over 150,000 peripherals and devices across 5 continents, and in 20 + languages.

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