Our Wins

We've been busy crafting high-quality applications, improving existing projects and providing consulting services for large companies and small startups around the world. Take a closer look at what our teams have done lately.


Digital Asset Distribution Platform

We're involved in the development of the world's leading digital asset distribution platform.


Connecting SaaS-based Data on the Cloud

We expanded Connection Cloud (now part of Intuit Quickbase) capabilities.


Smart TV Platform & Application Devel...

Newsan asked BVision to develop a proprietary platform for all their brands of Smart TVs: JVC, Noblex, Philco and Pioneer.


Visualizing Long Term Operational Pro...

A global consulting firm came to us with the need of an application for one of their clients: GlobalFoundries. The goal was to help them organize their Research and Development initiatives.


Public Property Inventory

We developed a new .NET module for the Integrated Financial System (SIGAF) of Buenos Aires City.


Social Engagement App Platform

We quickly replace a legacy platform with a Ruby on Rails application for social engagement campaigns on Facebook.


GCATs App Migration

We provide development & support services for GCATs, one of Citi's core financial tools.


ComentaTV goes big time with big data

We planned and implemented architectural changes to facilitate their continuous growth.


HeadCount Management System

A web-based application for Human Resources.


A Cutting Edge Brand experience on th...

We design & develop the new Esprida ScreenGuard for iPad.


A Mobile Web App for Android in Hours

Verifyanybody.com asked BVision to make their new web app available for Android.


A Website to Shop Generously

We developed an ecommerce website with Ruby on Rails for a Bay Area gift economy startup.


NetSuite Integration

TransCard came to us with a solid plan to integrate their solution to NetSuite, the world’s leading cloud ERP solution.


Social Reporting Platform

We built a social platform that allows Peugeot's network of distributed dealers to collaborate, share and generate business reports.


Simplifying Massive E-mail Delivery

ACE Message Manager, an application of mass-e-mails delivery integrated to SalesForce.com


Web Based Training Modules

We deliver engaging courses designed to help users quickly develop their skills while learning valuable best-practices.