Our Java Labs launched CHNL.pro, an innovative technology platform that enables content producers to monetize their content through websites and mobile apps. CHNL.pro, created by entrepreneurs John Wander and Sverre Fjedlheim, is thought to change the way producers distribute their digital assets. The platform was design and developed at BVision’s Innovation & Creation centers by our Java Labs.

The first artist to roll out a page using CHNL tools was downtempo electronic group Thivery Corporation. Operating at a CHNL domain (thieverycorporation.chnl.pro), the group's page has 12 music offerings, each represented by an album cover. The CHNL page mixes both paid and free, promotional items.

Several other artists and producers have already published their own CHNL. Recently, CHNL.pro was selected to host new documentary, Ctrl-Alt-Compete CES sneak premiere.

BVision partnered with CHNLpro to provide development and technology services.

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