GiveGoods is an on-line donation site where people can give to charity of their choice and, in return, receive a reward. BVision prototyped, developed and launched the revolutionary platform which local business from Alameda, San Francisco are also using to connect with loyal customers by helping them to save money while donating to charities.

San Francisco .- Merchants need to promote their business, charities need to raise money and consumers are always on the lookout for new deals. With this picture in mind Christopher Ward and John Kaufman, two entrepreneurs from the Bay Area, started thinking on how to create something that would help charities, help companies and help local residents all at the same time. The win-win solution was GiveGoods, a social rewards platform that allows customers to donate to various charities and then receive the entire dollar amount back in rewards from local businesses.

With this idea in mind, Ward and Kaufman approached BVision to help with the technical development of the platform. Our Ruby team worked hand in had with them to first develop and initial prototype and then launch the site which is already taking orders without a hitch.

You can read more about this project on our website.

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